What are the Rules of Elliott wave Theory?

Rules of Elliott Wave Theory:

  1. Wave 2 can never correct more that 100% of wave 1 i.e. wave 2 never break below the starting point of wave 1.
  2. Wave 3 can never be the shortest of wave 1, 3, 5.
  3. Wave 4 can never break below the end point of wave 1 i.e. wave 1 and 4 cannot overlap. There is an exception to this rule which will be discussed in later articles.
  1. Concept of Elliot Wave Theory- Wave cycle
  2. Rules of Elliott wave Theory
  3. Fibonacci Ratio.
  4. Component of EWT
  5. Elliott Wave Personality
  6. Application of fib ratio in EWT
  7. Elliot wave patterns
  8. Different Patterns in EWT
  9. Impulse
  10. Leading Diagonal Triangle
  11. Ending Diagonal Triangle
  12. Simple Zigzag correction
  13. 3–3–5 Flat Correction
  14. Irregular Correction
  15. Formation of Irregular Correction
  16. Complex correction.
  17. Extended and failure wave
  18. Rules of alteration
  19. Combining patterns with Fibonacci ratio
  20. Importance of 38% retracement ,alternate wave count and reflex point.
  21. Time frame to use in Elliot wave analysis
  22. Identifying multibagger stock
  23. Practical use of the theory




A full time trader, trainer & mentor

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Asish Samanta

Asish Samanta

A full time trader, trainer & mentor

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